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Safety road bariers

Safety road barriers

Permanent expansion of the traffic on our roads brings higher demands for the safety road barriers. Safety road barriers retain the vehicle on the road, avoid its overturning and help colliding vehicle to realign.

Safety road barriers are used on the part of the roads where the pass-over of the vehicle behind the shoulder of the road could risk the safety of the road traffic participants. Road barriers offered by our company TRADETECH spol. s r.o. meet all the EU Standards EN 1617.

Safety road barriers NH4

Safety road barriers NH4 Arcelor Mittal are determined for highways, speedways, roads of I. class and as well for secondary roads out of town and main urban roads . There are used vertical posts UE 100 with the tube spacer between the beam and the post, or the posts V 140. For the bridges there are vertical posts U 140. Retaining level from N2 to H3.

Download: TPV-167-Sk.pdfTPV_167_SK_2007_Priestorove_usporadanie.pdfDODATOK1-JSNH4-H2.pdf

zvodidlá NH4_1 zvodidlá NH4_2 zvodidlá NH4_3 zvodidlá NH4_4 zvodilda NH4_5 zvodilda NH4_6 zvodilda NH4_6

Safety road barriers KREMSBARRIER

Safety road barriers VOEST – ALPINE type KREMSBARRIER are suitable for all kind of roads with retaining level from N2 to H3 as well as for the bridges with the retaining level up to H3. These barriers are mostly suitable for highways and speedways.

Safety road barriers - Kremsbarrier 1 system remembers to the safety of the motorbikers as well. There is an additional beam in the lower part of the system which retains and realigns the motorbike preventing its sliding under the beam and decreasing the risk of injury.

All the parts of the road barrier system are hot – galvanized according to EN ISO 1461

Download: TPV_EV_03_08.pdf

zvodidlá kremsbariert_1 zvodidlá kremsbariert_2 zvodidlá kremsbariert_3 zvodidlá kremsbariert_4 zvodidlá kremsbariert_5 zvodidlá kremsbariert_6 zvodidlá_Kremsbarier_7

Safety road barriers CAR

Safety road barriers CAR belong to the road secure systems which meet the EU Standards EN 1317-1, EN 1317-2 and EN 1317-5 + A1. They cover the road barriers of the retaining level from N2 to H4 and bridge barriers of the retaining level from H2 to H4. They are determined for highways, speedways, roads of I., II. and III. class, local communications and bridges according to STN 73 6101, STN 73 6110 a STN 73 6201.

All the parts of the road barrier system are hot – galvanized according to EN ISO 1461.

Download: schvalenie.pdf, TPV barriers CAR, annex nr.1 TPV CAR

zvodidlá CAR_1 zvodidlá CAR_2 zvodidlá CAR_3 zvodidlá CAR_4 zvodidlá CAR_5 zvodidlá CAR_6 zvodidlá CAR_7


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