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About us

TRADETECH s.r.o. company has been established in the year 1997 by Slovak shareholders and registered in Commercial Register of the District Court Kosice I.  more...

Safety road barriers

Safety road barriers are inevitable part of the safety road systems. We meet them everyday on the roads and many times we do not realize their important role in the safety of the traffic. Our company Tradetech spol. s r.o. is one of the leading suppliers of the safety road barriers. more ...

Metallurgical material

TRADETECH spol. s r.o. company offers variety of metallurgical material – steel plates and coils HR or CR, Zinc coated plates, steel plates of higher thichnesses, profiles and steel cuts. Look at our web pages and get more information about our products. more ...

Steel bridge

Company TRADETECH s.r.o. Offers for sale 12 ton steel bridge usable in an emergency if you fall off your old one or it was a great flood water. It is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, high waters and the onslaught of vehicles. more ...


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